Take your little explorer on a safari adventure with our colorful wooden busy board

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Play hide and seek!

How many animals can you find hiding on the busy board? Can you spot someone hiding behind the rock? Or maybe a little critter climbed into a jeep? Take your time and fine every single one.

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Solve a puzzle!

Put the lion together and let the little cub hide behind it.

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Work on practical skills!

Give your toddler the opportunity to enhance their practical skills while igniting their imagination. Are those laces or wild zebra patterns? Is that a hungry crocodile or just a zipper? It's up to you to decide!

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Spin spin spin!

With multiple spinning elements that are included on our busy board your child will never get bored!

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It's time for some music!

Ring the bells or play xylophone tree. It's time let your kiddos to channel their inner musician and give those bells a jingle or the xylophone tree a playful tune!

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Let your toddler's imagination roar with our vibrant wooden busy board!

Unlock endless learning and joy with Busilly busy boards!

Picture this: your child's journey through early childhood development is like a wild adventure, and toddler busy boards are their lively companions along the way. Our wooden boards are not only a gateway to learning and fun, they also an opportunity for you to witness the magic of your little one's inquisitive mind at work. So why wait? Get our colorful busy board for your toddler and embark on an adventure together!

  • Meets and Exceeds Safety Standards

    Busilly busy boards went though multiple rounds of testing to ensure CPAI compliance.

  • Sustainably Sourced Materials

    Our boards are crafted from FSC certified wood. By choosing this product you are supporting responsible management of the worlds forest.

  • Timeless Fun

    Our busy board can be used starting at a young age for story telling and grows with your baby as it includes activities of different level of difficulties.